The word shepherd carries a number of different connotations. lists a shepherd as
1. a person who herds, tends, and guards sheep or
2. a person who protects, guides, or watches over person or group of people

Webster’s 1828 Dictionary details a shepherd as “The pastor of a parish, church or congregation; a minister of the gospel who superintends a church or parish, and gived[sic] instruction in spiritual things. God and Christ are in Scripture dinominated[sic] Shepherds, as they lead, protect and govern their people, and provide for their wilfare[sic].

Responsibility, compassion, strength, and care are implied throughout all these definitions. Faith, humility, and service are added when the shepherd is responsible for a part of God’s flock. Additionally, a shepherd is also a servant to those he serves. So it is with a great sense of humility and responsibility that I enter into sharing my thoughts here.

My hope is that some of these thoughts will shed light on faith and culture, our personal walk with the Lord, and how we are to share the truth of the Lord Jesus Christ with those around us.

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